Nowadays with the advancement of photographic technology; other photography related work such as image manipulation, editing, post-production etc. are increasing day by day.
A numerous number of photographers, graphic designers and other professionals are now working in this sector day and night. To assist them, adobe Photoshop software is one of the most useful software’s and most widely used.

Adobe Photoshop has so many tools to edit, design or create images easily. One of such tools is Photoshop Pen Tool.

What is clipping path?

Whenever it is necessary to remove the background of an image, clipping path is the best option. If we want to define it technically, it could be like this-  “a clipping path is a closed vector path, or shape which is used to cut out a two dimensional image in an image editing software i.e. Adobe Photoshop.”

Anything in the path will be included after this technique is applied; anything outside the path will be omitted from the output.

Complex Clipping Path Service

Complex Clipping Path Services

Clipping path service

Here we have reached at the key point. What is the purpose of this service? In today’s world, e-commerce sites are a growing sector of business, transforming the world economy towards a new dimension. Web sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. are mainly working on product selling. Such e-commerce sites need their displayed product images finely edited so that it can attract the customers and allure them to buy those products.

When a product photographer captures an image of a product, it may have an unsuitable background or surroundings; or simply the background is not necessary. So essential photo editing and post production works are required. Usually in case of large volume of images, expert knowledge of graphic design is needed to perform the editing works. A professional photographer may have not enough time or expertise knowledge to edit his/her images as s/he has to solely concentrate on photography.

clipping path

Simple Clipping Path Service

For this, an experienced graphic designer can be hired. But it depends on you whether you will go to direct hiring or take help from a graphic design related firm. Many companies throughout the world, specially Color Experts International, Clipping Path India are working on image manipulation, video editing, ad and magazine design, catalog production, etc since 30 years.

Clipping path service is one of the major services which is provided by these companies. In Adobe Photoshop, there is a non-creative tool called photoshop pen tool which is used to remove the background of an image. Sometimes this is also used to mask the hair for the images
This service basically includes-

  • Neck Joint Service (Ghost Mannequin)- used for garments products.
  • Clipping Path With Flatness-used for hair, fur images.
  • Photoshop Masking Services-used with this technique to knockout the background of complex images to be placed for advertisement displays in e-commerce website or catalogs.
  • Multiple Clipping Path/ Color Path Service- used for transforming the color of an image.
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Meet the best clipping path service provider 

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