Make Bulb text effect using Photoshop


Let’s start to create a bulb text effect: Before start to design we have to emphasize to choose a font because all fonts will not look necessarily appropriate to the design. For this choose bubble club font, bell bottom laser font and bambina font.

bulb text

Bulb Text Effect

Start working with the background, it’s working fine on the lighter background, but be concerned about that there will not too light and have to ensure that its effect don’t make the things brighter. Now create a new document and fill its background with the #2d3134 color.

Select horizontal type tool, set the text in the document with the downloaded font and make sure the font color set as white. Set the layer blending mode to darken. It will make the text disappear from the text canvas. Go to the text layer blending mode through right click layer then blending options.

Add drop shadow and here drop shadow will create contrast between texts, also imaginary behind of the text. Into drop shadow set blend mode to multiply, opacity 15%, angle, distance spread and size set at 146 degrees, 0 pixels, 0%, and 13 pixels. Then set inner shadow and inner glow. In the inner shadow set blend mode overlay, opacity 100, angle 146 degrees, distance 0 pixels, choke 0%, and size 1 pixels. Into the inner glow set three of the elements, its structure, elements and quality. Into structure set blend mode as overlay, opacity 75%, noise 0%.

Also elements, and quality set technique softer, source edge, choke 0% and size 16 pixels. For the perfect combination set bevel and emboss, satin, gradient overlay. Now we will talk about bevel and emboss. Set its structure of the style as inner bevel, technique as smooth, depth 100%, direction as up, size as 21 pixels, soften 0 pixels. Shading angle 146 degrees, altitude 69 degrees, highlight mode overlay, opacity as 44%, shadow mode multiplies and its opacity as 0%.

As like bevel and emboss set satin and gradient overlay. Then, using the ellipse shadow tool, add some bubble into text.