Start at the Beginning ! Photoshop Tutorials (Part – 2)


After part 1, in this article I will describe on Adobe Photoshop Tutorials. In resource given topics are including, Adobe Video Workshop, Photoshop CS3 Videos, Extras, Bridge Home, Adobe Design Center, Adobe Developer Center, Customer Support, Downloads, Adobe Labs and User Communities.

adove photoshop tutorials

Adobe Video Workshop: Adobe Creative Suits 3 video workshop are offering more than 200 instruction videos covering a wide range of subjects for print, web, and video professionals. You can choose Adobe learning center to use Adobe tools together.

When you will begin with Adobe Video Workshop, you must choose from first topics for direct learning. Don’t miss any steps. You will also find videos on new features and key techniques. Each video covers a single subject and typically runs about 3 -5 minutes.

Photoshop CS3 Videos: Photoshop video workshop covers a wide range of subjects for Adobe Photoshop tutorials CS3 and Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended. The features are below:

  • Using and Aligning Layers
  • Making Selections
  • Applying Smart Filters
  • Using Vanishing Point
  • Printing Photos

Videos also supported with other Adobe products:

  • Using shared elements in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Flash
  • Using smart objects and live color
  • Using Bridge in a photography workflow.


You have to access to a wide range of resources that will help you make the best outputs. Some of these resources are auto installed during the setup process and other additional helpful resources need to copy from DVD or web.

Pluh-ins, Presets, Templates, Samples, Fonts are available for both Windows and Mas OS X platform.

Bridge Home

Bridge Home, is a new features of Adobe Bridge CS3, supply up-to-date information’s on all your Adobe Creative Suite 3 software. Go to Adobe Bridge and click the Bridge Home icon at the top of the Favorites panel to access the latest tips, news, and resources for your Adobe Creative Suite software.

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