Create 3D Text on Floor

3D Text on Floor

To make a 3D Text on Floor  firstly we need new font in illustrator. Through using illustrator I would like to do this tutorial. Let’s start to making tutorial and create a new document. Which sizes will be 1440 x 900 pixels. Save it as .PNG format to get transparency or we can do another thing as Ctrl+c and paste it using Ctrl+v.

At this step add some color to the text and choose image -> adjustments -> Hue or saturation and setting as like yours. Then add more contrast and go to image -> adjustment -> levels again setting as intent of yours. Making the color little bit dull, and repeat previous steps.

Here I wish to add Craquelure effect and for this go to filter > texture > craquelure. In where Crack spacing chooses 18, crack depth will be 6, crack brightness at 1. Now choose Magic Wand Tool and create selection on top of the text.

In here create new layer and adding drop shadow. Have to add light and shadow. Select text, hold Ctrl then click on thumbnail in the layer palette. Take a new layer with the 3D text and fill the selection using black.

Into new layer go to filter then blur and Gaussian blur then apply a slight blur for drop shadow. Now for shadow I will use Smudge Tool. It will smudge the top include bottom sides, Shadow towards the center of the text. Why not it becomes hidden and will looks amazing. Through selecting the smudge tool set to the following brush. Brush Size will be 100px, strength at 50%, and mode to Normal. Some of the time there has no more attractive and important brush. In that case we can download it from the website.

Through using brush we can design 3D text on the floor and it will look more attractive and plenty amazing.